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Drought Information

"The time to ramp up water conservation is now. Proactive conservation measures are a prudent step for all of our agencies to prepare for the possibility of ongoing extreme dry conditions. Only through these coordinated and collective actions at the federal, State, and local level will we be able to successfully manage our water supply through 2022 and beyond. The challenges are substantial but [we are] confident that there is no group better to rise to the occasion than this group of California water managers." - Karla A. Nemeth, Director of Department of Water Resources

DRAFT Water Shortage Contingency Plan

To read the DRAFT Water Shortage Contingency Plan, click here.

Resolution 874

To read Resolution No. 874, click here.

Ordinance No. 66

To read Ordinance No. 66, click here.

DWR Letter

To read the letter from Department of Water Resources, please click here.

2021 Drought Letter

To read the 2021 Drought Letter, click here.

Save Our Water

Conservation is a key part in helping California adapt to our new climate reality.

For more details on individual impacts and information on water conservation alternatives, please click on the video below.

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