The Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water Agency (CLAWA), a governmental public agency, was created in 1962 by the California State Legislature Act 9099a of the California Water Code to provide supplemental water across the San Bernardino Mountains. CLAWA’s boundaries span more than 50,000 acres and its revenues come from water sales, connection fees, standby charges, and taxes. CLAWA provides both wholesale and retail treated water from Silverwood Lake across the mountain to Green Valley. Within this area there are more than twenty water districts and camps depending on wholesale supplemental water from CLAWA, along with approximately 1,200 retail customers within lettered improvement districts, with a direct connection to CLAWA.

To learn more about Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water Agency (CLAWA), you can check out our Fact Sheet or our Agency History.

The Agency History link above is an excerpt from a project undertaken by Jennifer Spindler, the Agency’s Assistant General Manager, for submission to complete a Water History course during her time in California State University, San Bernardino’s Master of Public Administration and Certificate in Water Resource Management program. This project was researched in the spring quarter of 2007; however it may be updated periodically.

Agency History

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